Advice From a First-Time Car Owner

Hello, my name is Ailanna, and welcome to my blog Life of Ailanna. The reason that I do this is to offer my advice to people who may need it.

Hopefully, these tips will be beneficial as I would like them to be for your help with the chaotic and stressful process. Your emotions may be all over the place while you are going through this process but just take a few deep breaths and take everything with a grain of salt.

1. Importance of doing your research

If I hadn’t done my research on car buying and the whole process of it, then I probably would’ve been so lost in it all. The dos and don’ts. Regarding car dealerships, the people who work there to sell you the car(s) do not care about you. They only care about how much they will get out of commission.

When I did my research about cars like
– What kind of cars are good for first-time drivers.
– What kind of cars have good or excellent gas mileage in the city and on the highway.
– How much Fuel capacity does my tank have.
– How much does the value of the car(s) depreciate however long you plan to have it for.
– The Maintenance Schedule

Be sure to look up any recalls that are on the vehicle(s) that you interested in.

2. Beware of Gas Mileage

How much gas you can get in the city and on the highway is extremely important and crucial. So, you can know how much gas you are going to use when you are in one of those places.

If your vehicle is in the 40’s mph range or more, the highway then is in the 30’s mph range or more for the city which is considered very good.

So, you might be wondering which cars have good gas mileage? I was wondering the exact same thing when I purchased my car!

There’s no easy answer, but here’s what I came up with in my research. Some of the best cars are Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord & Civic, Nissan Altima & Sentra.

Keep in mind how many times you must fill your gas tank a week and what kind of gas you use to fill it up.

3. New or used car

It depends on the budget that you have for the car, how many miles are on the car, and if you want to buy a new or used car. Also, check for recalls on the cars you are looking at or for.

If you are looking at the used car(s) make sure to take it to a mechanic for them to give an overview of the car and to see if the car needs work on it or not. Also, make sure to get a car that is certified used because it may or may not be cheaper than getting a new car. Check the CARFAX and keep the owners down to a minimum of one or two.

If you are looking at a new car(s) then Kelley Blue Book and Truecar.

These websites are beneficial for researching both new and used cars.

Make sure that you stick with your price point of what you are willing to spend for your vehicle. They will try their hardest to make sure that you spend more than you ideally would like to. If you are looking to lease a car be sure to do it through a credit union.

4. Importance of Car Insurance

It is extremely important to make sure that your vehicle is insured against other drivers in case if anything happens. Then you’ll be covered by that insurance company.

Whenever something bad would happen when I’m driving I would of course panic and feel anxious as would probably some other driver(s) would then I would calm down and handle the situation and get the authorities involved if they need to be involved, then contact my insurance company to tell them what happened.

Keep in mind how many accidents or tickets you get on your driving record because they may play a role in the rate that you may or may not have to pay when they quote you.
When you are looking for companies that will cover you, make sure that you do research on the companies and how much you would have to pay monthly or semiannually.

Geico is a pretty good start for an insurance company.

5. Someone with Previous Experience

Be sure when you go to the dealership with someone that has previous experience, they would tell you to not tell the person that works at the dealership that
– You are buying the car in cash
-You are trading the car in for the other car that you are interested in.
– Do not allow them to pull your credit score because they may allow it to decrease.

You may not want anyone else with you but you may or not need all the help and advice that they may offer you.  

Hopefully, these were a great help to you and your search. Good luck!

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.

-John Lennon

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  1. Great tips. Wish I had done more research on recalls for my car as well

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